Making the artwork

Gleddon Hostel

How the art works were produced

Direct Care Staff supported the Residents by preparing the canvas with a coat of paint, before the artist began painting their artwork.

It was obvious that resident’s thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating their artworks. They also gained by experiencing interacting with the staff in a different and fun activity.

Staff were also able to explore the full capabilities of residents, and enjoyed working with residents in a new activity.


Spencer Hostel

How the art works were produced

Residents enjoyed creating the art works. For some this was a new and exciting activity, with many smiles and obvious fascination. Residents were inspired by the process as were staff who assisted them.


Lilacdale Hostel

How the art works were produced

In creating the art works for this exhibition, we had to consider the varying types of abilities residents have.  The focus was on utilizing their unique skills to produce a range of art work that demonstrated the ability of each individual.

In working with people who have a range of skills and abilities, we needed to consider the personalities of each individual artist, their likes, their dislikes and consider the ways they could participate in the creation of art.

Residents enjoyed creating art work.  They approached the project with delight and fascination.  It was evident that residents were inspired by the process.


Different techniques were used in the project.

These included:

Artists throwing items at the canvas.  For example, a water balloon filled with paint.

A plastic bottle was filled with paint which the artist then squirted onto the canvas.

Artists were encouraged to tap the paint brush onto the canvas.

Masking tape was adhered to a canvas in patterns, and the artist applied paint to the canvas.  When removed, the taped sections revealed interesting designs.

One artist has a habit of wringing their hands together.  We worked with this movement, by applying different coloured paint to a piece of paper and placing it into the artist’s hands.  The paint blended together and resulted in inspiring transformations.  This paper was then laid onto the canvas.

Plastic bags were covered in paint, and artists dabbed the bags onto canvases.

Some residents were able to produce brush strokes onto the canvas.

Dish mops were used because they have a built up handle. The built up handle is easier for Resident’s to grasp.

Residents were able to push foam rollers with cut outs across the canvas.

In some cases Resident’s dabbled in the paint with their fingers and then wiggled their fingers on the canvas.

Artists dropping items onto the canvas.

Plastic bottles filled with paint hung from a string, the artist then let this go and spread paint onto the canvas.

Artists were encouraged to use paint brushes, dish mops, sponges, etc. to make marks with paint onto the canvases.

Art works were produced by pouring paint onto a canvas, which the artist held onto, allowing the paint to run across the canvas.

Artists were given foam rollers, which they ran over the canvas.

An artist placed their feet into paint and applied it the canvas.


More from the artists:

Kathy Adair

I am able to hold brushes, dish mops, sponges, etc and apply paint to the canvas, with staff occasionally supporting my arm.
I choose my own colours. Staff also help me by preparing my canvas and cleaning up after. I enjoy painting.

Lisa Bernic

I enjoy painting and I achieve this by using my feet, and by sitting in front of a mirror I can see well. I am able to select colours and move my feet in the paint to create a painting.
Staff assist me by preparing the equipment and paper, and the good part is they do the cleaning up.

Alfie Campbell

Painting is a wonderful experience and I really enjoy doing this. The staff assist me with preparing all the equipment and hold the canvas up for me.
I have difficulty seeing what I create and need to look in a mirror to see where the canvas is, staff are very creative in finding ways to assist me.
I make the mess and they clean up for me this can be a real fun time for all of us.

Kristen Cameron

I like to draw and show people my art works.  I enjoy painting and I like staff to set up my table with brushes and paints and stay with me to encourage me.
I enjoy selecting my colours, staff assist me by preparing equipment.

Graham Soulsby

I have fun with the staff as they help me with my painting activity I love to make big broad strokes and hit the canvas with paint on a sponge, netting and my hands.
The more mess I make the more fun I have. I get a lot of laughs and enjoyment when creating this art.

Peter Layton

I really enjoy creating my painting with staff helping me by supporting my arm. I use my palm as my brush to achieve this. I really enjoyed making this painting.

Michael Hoey

I am visually impaired and love sensory stimulation. This project gives me the opportunity to feel different textures. Staff prepare my canvas by making jigs to create patterns, I am then able to, with physical assistance role paint, place collage material onto the painting and create a piece of art.

Jodie Leuba

In 2009, it was a new experience for me to paint on canvas. At first I needed encouragement from staff but once I got involved I really enjoyed the project
and my finished piece of artwork. I hope to be involved in the project
over the coming years.

Lisa Williams

Staff introduced me to painting in 2009, but I didn’t enjoy the artist’s paints
as I like to taste these things. Staff came up with the idea of using edible painting methods, now this I did enjoy. I could finely create art and taste at the same time.
For this painting we used “vegemite’ it goes on the canvas just right. I’m looking forward my next painting opportunity. I wonder what edible substance we can find
for me to taste and paint with.

Katie Bassett

I love painting. I can choose my colours and paint with brushes and using other methods for getting paint onto the canvas.

Meryl Harris

2009 is my second year creating art work for the exhibition.
Staff support my arm while I hold the brush.

Colette Deavin

I painted my 2009 picture independently using first a roller for the back ground
colour and then adding detail with a brush.

Dennis Tomlinson

I can paint with a paintbrush and choose my colours
completely independently.

Elinor Doddrell

I am able to hold the paint brush and move it over the canvas myself,
but I need someone to help me by supporting my elbow
and holding the canvas.

Janelle McMahon

My favourite activities are drawing and painting.

Jeff Loh

I can independently move my hands on the canvas to paint the picture,
but I need someone to put gloves on me, and help me
put paint on the gloves.

Klyrisa Drane

I can hold the brush and paint independently.
I can also choose the colours by myself.

Odile Frichot

I need some help with setting up and putting colours on my paintbrush,
but I can paint independently using an easel.

Warren Brass

I use an easel for painting, and with some help to get the colour
onto the brush, I paint independently.

Tony Longmaid

This is the first time I have been involved in an art project and I had a really good time doing my paintings.
I really like the pictures that I did and I hope you will enjoy them too. I look forward to being involved in this project again next year.

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