2018 Winners

Creative Connections
Poetry Award

was awarded to

Viginia O’Keefe

for her poem (selected by Rose van Son) written to untitled artwork by Bonnie Wilkinson

Sun Myth

Once long ago when the world was early
and the sky was a duck’s egg blue,
the sun wafted down looking for a frolic.
She cloaked herself in the yellow of wattles,
then stole the heart of the sky.
A phalanx of stars pulled her home
but, at twilight on the horizon,
you may see her journeying onward
surrounded by shimmers of love.

Peoples Choice
Poetry Award

was awarded to

Jane Davis

for her poem (selected by visitors to the exhibition) written to “Poseidon” by Lindy Johnson

Meet Me Deep

Do we meet in shallow heart
Where life swirls, dips, surges
On the surface
And rages the waves of desire and pain

Or do we dive down
Into the depth of soul
To meet in
Tranquil, softly decorated ebb and flow

Meet me here
See me, know me truly, here.