2016 Peoples Choice Art & Poetry Awards

Peoples Choice Art Awards


First Choice

Keith Wallam3-1-wallam

Second Choice

Lindy Johnson



Peoples Choice Poetry Awards

First Choice

Colleen O’Grady

A painter, a charmer from dear old WA
Has his squirrels Diddle and Dum searching away
Looking for honkie nuts beneath his tree
As the sun sends down rays of serendipity.
For centuries Keith’s tree grew strong and tall
It’s waving branches protecting all
Beneath its leaves the grass is green,
Keith’s painting has given us a peaceful scene.

written to Artwork 3 by Keith Wallam


Second Choice

Chris Palazzolo

A face from behind
before I
am ready to come out
into it
wear it as MY face.
The eyes are shut –
the light
comes through the mouth
with the air.

written to Artwork 7 by Sarah Fogg