Ebb & Flow Artists & Artwork

Aimee Dickson is an exciting young artist from Northcliffe who has had Autism since her early childhood.

Being non-verbal, drawing has been Aimee’s primary form of expression since leaving high school. Her unique and quirky style is already known and loved by many and her cards and calendars have been a local ‘hit’, selling out for the past four years. Aimee’s work has been exhibited in solo and numerous group exhibitions in WA, winning her several awards.

More recently, Aimee has illustrated and published the children’s book #HARMONY TWEET in collaboration with Diane Jackson Hill Author from Melbourne.

Please visit either ArtIMEE or www.artimee.com.au for more information.


Candice Raphael’s complex, layered works in the manner of Vance Kirkland, use textured floating dots that appear to hover above her colourful ink backgrounds.  These works transport the viewer to another world of imagination, evoking images of the Great Barrier Reef and aerial views of surreal worlds.  Her drawings and prints often incorporate patterns, creating an inner view within the work itself.

In 2010 her work, ‘Dice’ was bought for the Boardroom of the Minister for Disabilities, WA, Helen Morton and a piece was also commissioned by the Disability Services Commission regional office in Rockingham.  She was awarded the As We Are Rosalind Lewis Award, 2009 and the As We Are People’s Choice Award 2012, 2009 as well as the Activ Art Award for abstract work 2014 and the Activ Art Exhibition People’s Choice Award, 2016.


David Brandstater loves being creative, creating a prolific amount of unique art, identifiable through his use of the colour yellow, geometric lines and characters. He uses mainly acrylic paint, ink and pencil in his work. David first discovered art in the 80’s, but it is only in the last four years that David has discovered his love of printmaking. Using a basic printing technique, in combination with drawing, to produce a series of bags which he sells at pop up shops. Over the years David has exhibited in many exhibitions and he looks forward having a solo show.


Diane Cook first started her interests with art when she attended school. “My teacher in 7th grade told me that I have a great talent with the way that I look at the subject that I was painting”. This passion for art has flourished throughout Diane’s life as she enjoys the way it makes her feel. “Art got me out of the gloomy place that I was in”.

Interests – Diane enjoys creating art work consisting of animals and natural sceneries. In particular Diane enjoys sketching, drawing and painting to create her works of art.

Inspires – Art makes Diane “feel happy about creating something that’s new and original”. Being artistic runs in Diane’s family. Diane’s Mum and sisters all enjoy creating new pieces of art together, “Everyone encourages one another with what they are creating.”


Hannah Valenti’s expressionist style of work uses line and colour to tell a story. Her background in creative writing is a strong influence, helping her to form a visual narrative. Elephants and their association with wisdom and the idea of their freedom as a wild animal, inspires Hannah’s work. She often uses expressive brushstrokes and lines to capture the feelings or movement of her subject matter.

“Art is such a magnificent reason for people to come together and create a happy bright vibe. I don’t know where my life would be without art. It just makes me so happy and I’m astounded to see my creations.” says Hannah of her work.


Jonathan Flower, from Dalyellup, is 29 years old – his passions are cricket, horticulture and woodworking. His interest in woodworking stemmed from “helping” his father in the shed from the age of two! During high school Jonathan developed his woodworking skills and continued to assist his dad with the practical maintenance around his family’s small block.

After school Jonathan attended a hobby class in leadlighting and made many beautiful projects before partnering with a mentor and producing a number of leadlight commissions. His work can be seen at the Busselton Community Garden, Enable South West head office in Bunbury and many private homes in the area.

Two years ago Jonathan expressed a wish to learn more woodworking skills and he joined the WA Woodturners Association Bunbury branch. He attends the wood turners shed each week and has also purchased his own lathe which is based at his parents property. Any spare moment he can be found in his workshop either working on a project or dreaming up the next item he will make.


Joni Marlow has Autism, she attended High School in Manjimup then moved to Perth for a number of years.

Joni and her Mum moved back to Manjimup in 2013, Joni moved into an Activ group home. Joni enjoys living with her housemates. Joni’s interest in art was soon realised and she began art classes with Network Warren Blackwood. (HACC).

Joni flourished with her artwork, Joni finds painting therapeutic and calming.

Joni found an art mentor and decided she liked the 1:1 art sessions better. Joni has had a few art mentors to try out different styles of painting. Joni’s preferred medium is watercolour. Joni also does acrylic paintings.

One of Joni’s goals is to become more independent. By having a exhibition recently Joni has sold some of her art work to make herself an income which enables Joni to buy more materials to continue painting.


Tayla Arnold is a young passionate and creative artist who has been diagnosed with Congenital Glaucome and Band Keratopathy since birth.

Growing up in Pemberton with these barriers hasn’t stopped Tayla from reaching her full potential.

Tayla has been doing art since she was 5 years old, with the great support of her family.

Tayla has entered in many art competitions/exhibitions in and out of school such as:

  • “Unearthed, Discover, Embrace”, Sculpture in the Vines 2016, 2017;
  • Manjimup Show Art competition;
  • Warren Districts Agriculture Horticulture and Industrial Society Competition.

Tayla has a very supportive network which includes community members and friends. Joining in with Creative Connections is an exciting opportunity to create works with other artists and make new connections.