2018 Winners

Kathy Anne Adair
Art Prize

was awarded to

David Brandstater

for his untitled artwork (selected by the 2018 curators Rosie Vinicombe and Jae Criddle)

David Brandstater loves being creative, creating a prolific amount of unique art, identifiable through his use of the colour yellow, geometric lines and characters. He uses mainly acrylic paint, ink and pencil in his work. David first discovered art in the 80’s, but it is only in the last four years that David has discovered his love of printmaking. Using a basic printing technique, in combination with drawing, to produce a series of bags which he sells at pop up shops. Over the years David has exhibited in many exhibitions and he looks forward having a solo show.


Peoples Choice
Art Award

was awarded to

Hannah Valenti

for her artwork “Water Lilies” (selected by visitors to the exhibition)

Hannah Valenti’s background in creative writing is a strong influence in her work, helping her to form a visual narrative.  Elephants and their association with wisdom and the idea of their freedom as a wild animal often inspires Hannah’s work. She gains inspiration from the natural world and uses expressive brushstrokes and lines to capture the feelings or movement of her subject matter.