Peoples Choice Poetry Awards

Congratulations to the following Peoples Choice Poetry Award winners


First Choice

Ron Okely (written to artwork 42)

42. Cameron Demer


The prospector knows good gold bearing dirt
But his ute is bogged to the floor
His water is gone
His ‘sat’ phone is dead
And the river he sees is just in his head
He remembers as a boy being told
Water’s more precious than gold


Second Choice

Tash Adams (written to artwork 13)

13. Janine MacMahon

Picture Of You

I choose spring green
and big sky blue to start

brush long strokes
of sweet soil brown
for her cheek jaw and ear
stipple balloon red
and fairy floss pink
for her mouth and cheeks

life is predictable if we
always colour inside the lines


The following poems were also popular choices;

Joanna Wakefield (written to artwork 11)

11. Elinor Doddrell


Pink I am – through pink eyes I see
Pink are my arms
with glossy pink nails pointing to me.

Pink I glow, like a stormy sun
Waiting to change to shell lustre grey

Pink is my scarf – the wool is thick
and warms my heart, making it tick

Pink I am, but sometimes,
When I don’t want to be seen
I like to be green.

Carol Millner (written to artwork 23)

23. Marianne Percdani


These trees
so contained
so cool
in their containment
carry their own accelerant
wait for their lover’s
hot tongue…
nature’s own –
arsonist –
The Sun.


Gary Colombo De Piazzi (written to artwork 26)

26. Shelley Marcolina

I am my voice in colours
scribbled in tones blue, red
and dark        over and over
in layers and coats
until I emerge in signatures
of the me that is
and you stir
to see me.


Allan Padget (written to artwork 36)

36. Diana Coote

A scattering and splashing
of many and varied hues
takes me back to your youthfulness,
filled with colour, joy, freedom –
and unfiltered, undiluted happiness.
Dots evolve to sensuous strokes,
vibrant colours meld in space
via blissful pathways of whiteness.
I see and feel you smiling
at the painterliness of life and art.


Liana Joy Christensen (written to artwork 42)

42. Cameron Demer

With apologies to Dr Seuss

The bureaucrat
in the Davy Crockett hat
is back


J.R. McRae (written to artwork 57)

57. Kristen Cameron

When They Turned the Sprinklers On!

I love the dance of colours
When sunlight glows on grass,
When shadows shift
And windblown leaf and feather drift
As clouds blow past…

But most I love how colours run,
Having fun
When they turn the sprinklers on!