2014 Peoples Choice Poetry Awards

First choice awarded to Peter Rondel (written to artwork 40 by Darren Towie)

40. Darren Towie - Cherry & Tomatoes

Six strawb’ries set sail

on a rickety old raft

some thought it strange

but everyone laughed.


They sailed from the jetty

when no-one was there,

but where were they going?

They just didn’t care.


Second Choice awarded to Nathan Hondros (written to artwork 16 by Cameron Dermer)

16.Cameron Dermer-Pongo from 101 Dalmatians

The split grin horizon

As sharp and sweet as the

Jaws of a happy, lucky dog

Watching from a window sill

Where my friend leaves his poems to dry

See the blemished blue sky

The flesh and yellow of the earth

The freedom of animals, of muscles

Of black and white release

The you and the I

Off the leash for once


Third choice awarded to Colleen O’Grady (written to artwork 23 by Gillian Deague)

23. Gillian Deague

Classical music fills Gillian’s ears

As she paints brilliant tears

Of dotted delight, the pink of rose

Pretty blues on delicate mauve

And gentle aqua brings to mind

The art of a woman so refined

And with a sweep of the brush

Some colours rise like a blush.

Appear delicately contoured trails

Of interesting shapes like animal tails