2011 Art and Poetry

Artists/ Poets

  1. Gavin McNamara / Jacqui Merckenschlager & Tash Adams
  2. Gavin McNamara / Rose van Son & Alistair Bain
  3. Gavin McNamara / Deb Micallef & Mar Bucknell
  4. Keith Indich / Andrew Burke & Carol Millner
  5. Lisa Coles / Scott-Patrick Mitchell & Saz Campbell
  6. Donna Barnsley / Coral Carter & Jan Napier
  7. Greg Barr / Liana Joy Christensen & Val Neubecker
  8. Chris White / Liz Nicholls & Sally Clarke
  9. Michael Sinclair / Sue Clennell & Colleen O’Grady
  10. Sharleen Jespersen / Gary Colombo De Piazzi & Virginia O’Keeffe
  11. Maynard Douglas / Glen Phillips & Julie Fearns-Pheasant
  12. Peter Dixon / Debra Ratcliffe & Christina Gammon
  13. Claire Burkin / Peter Rondel & Kevin Gillam
  14. Stephen Franklin / Peter Rondel & Nathan Hondros
  15. Karen Forbes-Smith / Janet Jackson & Maureen Sexton
  16. Josh Harper / Val Neubecker & Peter Jeffery
  17. Celia Elliot / Paula Jones & Catherine Szathmary
  18. Richard Kelly / Max Merckenschlager & Amanda Joy
  19. Catherine White / Tash Adams & Julienne Juschke
  20. Ric Sullivan / Christopher Konrad & Alistair Bain
  21. Delores Purdy / Mar Bucknell & Tanya Jaw
  22. Liliana Cheldi / Laurel Lamperd & Andrew Burke
  23. Lindsay Stubbs / Saz Campbell & Veronica Lake
  24. Michelle Storer / Deanne Leber & Dennis Greene
  25. Chris Curley / Meryl Manoy & Liana Joy Christensen
  26. Jane Gribben / Sally Clarke & Sandra McAlpine
  27. Karen Smith / John McBain & Sue Clennell
  28. Richard Smither / J.R. McRae & Gary Colombo De Piazzi
  29. Sammy Scopa / Jacqui Merckenschlager & Julie Fearns-Pheasant
  30. Wayne Cooper / Christina Gammon & Rose van Son
  31. Wayne Cooper / Kevin Gillam & Deb Micallef
  32. Sammy Scopa / Nathan Hondros
& Carol Millner
  33. Robyn Edwards / Janet Jackson & Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  34. Elinor Doddrell / Peter Jeffery & Jan Napier
  35. Colette Deavin / Paula Jones & Val Neubecker
  36. Hugo Costa / Liz Nicholls & Amanda Joy
  37. Geoffrey Sykes / Colleen O’Grady & Julienne Juschke
  38. Eleana Bredemeyer / Christopher Konrad & Virginia O’Keeffe
  39. Darren Towie / Glen Phillips & Tanya Jaw
  40. Kerene Smith / Debra Ratcliffe & Laurel Lamperd
  41. Dylan Haylett / Peter Rondel & Veronica Lake
  42. Stephen Dodd / Deanne Leber & Paula Jones
  43. Elinor Doddrell / Meryl Manoy & Maureen Sexton
  44. Jeffrey Loh / Christopher Konrad & Sandra McAlpine
  45. Melissa Costanzo / Catherine Szathmary & John McBain
  46. Melissa Costanzo / Jacqui Merckenschlager & J.R. McRae
  47. Colette Deavin / Max Merckenschlager & Tash Adams
  48. Denis Tomlinson / Alistair Bain & Rose van Son
  49. Natasha Marchese / Val Neubecker & Deb Micallef
  50. Sue Mary Clark / Andrew Burke & Carol Millner
  51. Darren Towie & Eleana Bredemeyer / Saz Campbell & Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  52. Shelley Marcolina / Coral Carter & Jan Napier
  53. Tyng Lim / Dennis Greene & Val Neubecker
  54. Natala Cook / Liz Nicholls & Sally Clarke
  55. Lana Davie / Colleen O’Grady & Sue Clennell
  56. Rikki Trainor / Virginia O’Keeffe & Gary Colombo De Piazzi
  57. Vivienne Sharp / Julie Fearns-Pheasant & Glen Phillips
  58. Lisa Bernic / Debra Ratcliffe & Christina Gammon
  59. Kathy Adair / Kevin Gillam & Peter Rondel
  60. Graham McNally / Nathan Hondros & Jacqui Merckenschlager
  61. Lisa Bernic / Maureen Sexton & Janet Jackson
  62. Lisa Bernic / Meryl Manoy & Peter Jeffery
  63. Ken Reedy / Paula Jones & Catherine Szathmary
  64. Terry Cousins / Max Merckenschlager & Amanda Joy
  65. Peter Iland / Maureen Sexton & Julienne Juschke
  66. Anthony Pedrochi / Andrew Burke & Christopher Konrad
  67. Harry Wheeler / Saz Campbell & Tanya Jaw
  68. Graham Hoffman / Laurel Lamperd & Coral Carter
  69. Millie D’Rozario / Liana Joy Christensen & Veronica Lake
  70. Harry Wheeler / Deanne Leber & Sally Clarke
  71. Terry Ashton / Meryl Manoy & Sue Clennell
  72. Jenny Travers / Gary Colombo De Piazzi & Sandra McAlpine
  73. Terri Haynes / Julie Fearns-Pheasant & John McBain
  74. Terry Ashton / Christina Gammon & J.R. McRae
  75. Terry Ashton / Kevin Gillam & Jacqui Merckenschlager
  76. Graham Hoffman / Nathan Hondros & Rose van Son
  77. Adrian Chadwick / Deb Micallef & Janet Jackson
  78. Jodie Bateman / Carol Millner & Peter Jeffery
  79. Jennifer Hyde / Paula Jones & Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  80. Jennifer Hyde / Amanda Joy, Dennis Greene & Laurel Lamperd
  81. Jodie Bateman / Val Neubecker & Julienne Juschke
  82. John Pearson / Liz Nicholls & Christopher Konrad
  83. Douglas Hard / Colleen O’Grady & Tanya Jaw
  84. Raymond Hill / Maureen Sexton & Virginia O’Keeffe
  85. Katie Bassett / Glen Phillips & Veronica Lake
  86. Sean Roche / Deanne Leber & Debra Ratcliffe
  87. Mathew Froud / Peter Rondel & Meryl Manoy
  88. Ruth Marpole / Sandra McAlpine & Max Merckenschlager
  89. Janelle McMahon / Maureen Sexton & John McBain
  90. Gynetta Panaia / Saz Campbell & J.R. McRae
  91. Adam Bosich / Catherine Szathmary & Coral Carter
  92. Raymond Thomas / Liana Joy Christensen & Max Merckenschlager
  93. Tony Santoro / Dennis Greene & Tash Adams
  94. Tony Santoro / Jan Napier & Alistair Bain
  95. Jane Griben / Liana Joy Christensen & Jake Dennis

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  1. Gavin McNamara


25 x 32 acrylic on canvas


I Have A Dream

I have a dream of a boat on the blue,

not a pirate ship with a roguish crew,

not a busy tug with a ship in tow,

not a submarine lurking deep below,

not an ocean liner for the spoilt and rich,

just a little blue boat for me and Mitch.


Jacqui Merckenschlager



Treasure Hunt

I did not choose this vessel

to sail the sea of life

But c’mon and take the time

to see what’s inside


Come listen to my tales of life on the sea.

Each golden sunrise, a shiny opportunity

to fossick for treasures and adventures untold

as life’s treasure map will always unfold.


Natasha L Adams

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  1. Gavin McNamara

 2_GavinMcNamara copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas



Such violet blue

like bird or plane that flies

straight to my heart

and settles there.


Is that a wave I see from you?


Rose van Son



Myth Rainbow

the rainbow woman fell

creating a new myth, a river sweeping

leaping through her blouse

her hand reaching for green banked grasses

flushed with the effort of explosion

her body given as landscape

a hand a cross, a windmill

and to remind us – a colour yet to come


Alistair Bain

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  1. Gavin McNamara

3_GavinMcNamara copy

50 x 40 acrylic on canvas



Sunlight through a stained-glass window,

Floating on a breeze

Settling on water like a shimmering rainbow,

Stretching and folding back in like a soundless



Sunset on the water, or maybe sunrise

Lacy patterns of Ruby and Gold

Coral curves pulsating, reef fish

Shining scales on spongy fingers


Sky grazing water, trickling trail of molten metals

Fading with the light


            Deb Micallef



the skateboarder launches

off the rail

a moment in the air

held forever

nothing else matters


Mar Bucknell

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  1. Keith Indich


45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


Your applause runs

like sunlight down

rain-filled gutters…

My wife tries to talk

but I can’t hear her over

green cauliflower cooking

over red flames. My dog

jumps up to see and barks

to see such fun. (Who

ran away with the spoon?)


Andrew Burke



Hand Song

These hands gloved in paint stamp themselves on to the page

improvise a rhythm in red, white & black. Forget


‘the pale hands’ of poetry these hands beat and dig and jive,

navigate black, hand out hand rails go hand over hand over


hand, take their bearings, sing the land.


Carol Millner

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  1. Lisa Coles

5_LisaColes copy

35 x 45 acrylic on canvas



help me paint the sky with potatoes

. stars sing a poem of dappling the

earth, apples birthed from dirt

, ground swell constellating nightdom

, dark clumps undone. we harvest

fields, we paint pages, we mash

everything together



Scott-Patrick Mitchell



Potato Stars

Star bright star light

I wish upon a star tonight


my falling ones to fly me free

with potato stars I shall abide


this tide from where I come

until it’s time to take me home


fly fly my precious one

cross over to a timeless shore


with the planets, moon and sun

the Universe and I as one


         Saz Campbell

Inspired by Celine Dion’s ‘Fly’
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  1. Donna Barnsley

6_DonnaBarnsley copy

40 x 50 acrylic on canvas


before me

the page

hospital white

inside me a colour collection

i dip my paintbrush

each splash a tenor chorus

each dab a dance dalliance

each stroke my heart message


Coral Carter



That’s me in the corner by the pool.

I’m bored     it’s too cold to swim.

Everything is grey   the clouds

the garden     the water.

I want to be warm and happy

so in my mind I splash it all

with sunshine grapes   tabasco   lime.

Smile   take off my jumper.


Jan Napier


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  1. Greg Barr


25 x 60 acrylic on canvas


Aurora Australis

The blue planet

in the front row

has the best seat

for the big show


The dark curtain

of the night plays

all the bright shades

of the light’s grace


Liana Joy Christensen



the last rays of the sun

glance across

tumbling cascades;


an uneasy sky



ferns, flowers, fireflies…

down to the depths.


Val Neubecker


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  1. Chris White

8_CatherineWhite copy

40 x 50 acrylic on canvas


Acrylic and canvas take me

to a sun soaked cottage

a garden coaxed

from harsh dry earth –

hibiscus  ivy  plumbago

cling to tumbledown fences

chooks scratch around

under an old lemon tree

and there are fresh eggs

for breakfast every Sunday.


            Liz Nicholls



my clever toes

know pigments

wield the brush

squish and swirl

the paint-filled sponge


trees flower

in a mid-summer garden

luminous bands appear

in an aurora borealis sky—

my happiness


Sally Clarke


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  1. Michael Sinclair


25 x 25 acrylic on canvas




So much blood in my country

of tigers, elephants, men.

So many women crying,

watering the brown soil.


Sue Clennell



Here is my arm – see the colour? A pretty hue.

My eye looks up; I paint it true.

Michael takes the risk and his work dances.

With his favourite disk, his work enhances.

He flourishes the brush in waving lines,

This artwork he loves and his face shines.

This for the exhibition he made very clear,

As he moved the brush in dots very near

the waving lines. Such dedication,

he paints away without hesitation.


Colleen O’Grady


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  1. Sharleen Jespersen


32 x 20 watercolour on paper


In my hands the colours

of sun and foliage swirl

furl with fire and water.

Delivered in the sweep

of a brush and leap

from my fingertips

in a dance to fill dreams

with stories boldly told.


Gary Colombo De Piazzi



Across the yellow plain spinifex humps and hides old lizard

Rainmaker sits clapping his sticks

Calls up lightning, calls up thunder

Rumbling out of the hills

Tumbling, whipping, splintering air

Shards of white awe hunt the lizard.

And in the aftermath, the puddles

Chainstitch the sand.


            Virginia O’Keeffe


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  1. Maynard Douglas


30 x 21 pastel on paper


Still Life

You see the old masters

painting a still life.

It could be a pink bowl

full of green pears

or a tulip bouquet.


But I see colour strokes

one upon one

claiming freedom

of the canvas,

freedom of life.


Glen Phillips



‘Bending Autumn Trees in the Park’

I’m sat sitting in my favourite park

Contemplating my toes and the shadow they cast

on the path in front of the bench.

I hear the sound of a duck on the water nearby

and look up, noticing stuff for the first time..

The trees look like a bending blanket of awesome

colours, happy together…

…the shadows the blanket casts are like blocks

bending and blending


Julie Fearns-Pheasant


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  1. Peter Dixon

12_Peter Dixon

35 x 25 acrylic on canvas


The Orange Spider

An orange spider dropped and dangled

As I walked beneath a tree

Its web was crumpled and its legs were tangled

but it gave a smile to me

As I moved nearer, it became clearer

its smile wasn’t as it should be

with one sharp tug, it reeled in a bug

and I was invited for tea.


Debra Ratcliffe



warm earth bathes

in sunlight

a fervent fusion

beside blooms

peeking from patches

of purity


Christina Gammon


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  1. Claire Burkin


25 x 18 acrylic on canvas



What fickle creature people are

we spend our lives in queues,

in busy supermarkets

or at sales when buying shoes.


These people stand so quietly

and pay no heed to us,

their day is done and everyone

is queuing for the bus.


Peter Rondel



losing North

jaundiced streetlight, losing North,

the weight of angst?

blood on the eyelids


wind freshening to thirty knots,

jaundiced North, losing streetlight

as the day’s light retires,

eyelids blooded


this day, light retiring,

dark’s consolation

in angst, waiting


Kevin Gillam


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  1. Stephen Franklin


23 x 27 paper print


A light bulb

The porch light shines into the night

to bathe the lawn in shadowed light,

and like a beacon shining there

draws moths and insect everywhere;

they dance there for the world to see

performing every night for me.

Those beetles green and moths of red

write poetry within my head,

but when the sun wakes up once more

I realize what night was for.


Peter Rondel



in this fragile geometry

he points out the multifaceted


direction of last things


of the tension formed between shape and colour


but then trees appear

in the red and gold

the road signs


of winter pre-dawn


Nathan Hondros


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  1. Karen Forbes-Smith


42 x 31 collage


From our central curl

we send across the floor our various breaths,

our bits, our strips and feathers. Deployed

on the clean orange space

they cluster in yellow and blue

with a green flag, a pink wink and a purple teardrop.


Their tendrils extend, quietly,

over the hard white walls

into the blankness that frames us


and make shadows there.


Janet Jackson



paper and feathers

perfectly woven

threaded together


no need for rock or scissors


paper flutters

feathers fly off the page

in a tapestry of texture


and freedom


Maureen Sexton


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  1. Josh Harper

16_JoshHarper copy

60 x 42 pastel on paper


Come and step into my maze

and see what you can find;


a boat so blue

a boomerang, too

an open book

a crown in a nook


The deeper you wind

more treasures you find


But, now, can you find……

……your way out?


Val Neubecker



Words, Words, Worlds

The word ‘poetry’ comes from a Greek word –

To make, to form, to build –

And here in lively color and every filled space

You Josh create a city of words

Which in turn relays into my collection of words.

Together we can build worlds out of words.


Peter Jeffery OAM


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  1. Celia Elliot

17_CeliaElliot copy

50 x 35 acrylic on canvas


Stained Glass

Catch me in the curved colour of the glass.

Reflect me in the whole world of the room.

Chase me in the liquid claret and indigo cubes.

And let me stain your senses

with the smooth discovery

of the impossible.


Paula Jones



Peacock Dance

Peacock dance

Bow and prance

Shake and shimmer

Dusk and glimmer

From those who seek emancipation

You engender admiration

Strut in gorgeous feathered glory

Tell to all, your story.


Catherine Szathmary


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  1. Richard Kelly

18_RichardKelly copy

16 dia. ceramic bowl


The Potter’s Slip


With jaunty slip of playful lip,

disarming and beguiling,

my potter’s hope through slidey slope

is set to get you smiling.


Max Merckenschlager



Echo the shape of a wheel

with your hands,

find their centre

Fill this with clay, allow

the wheel to turn, the

clay. Add water.


Create depth with

your thumbs, give it

some lip.


Find the shape of your

cupped hands, mirrored

between them. Offer this

to fire, to stone.


            Amanda Joy


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  1. Catherine White

19_CatherineWhite copy

160 x 90 silk paint on silk


Blue-Red Feelings

Mulberries on the tree for

my birthday. In your garden

we eat and play Armies –

bang bang! You’re dead!


We laugh as we fall down

juice stains on our shirts

We trace shapes in the clouds

the sun illuminating your face


Tash Adams



What Do You See?

What can you see … in the clouds?


I see lakes with bays, and clear blue streams

I see technicolour sheep, appear in my dreams

There are lush, green hills, and a magnificent scene

Of a cotton-wool bed, where young chicks convene


What do you see?


Julienne Juschke


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  1. Ric Sullivan

20_RicSullivan copy

60 x 90 acrylic on canvas


Yellow Water

Balloon me to the East Alligator River

Transport me over that vast yellow water

Let others have their Arno’s, Seine’s and Rheine’s


It is there in those Northern seasonal reeds

In the heartland of country

That we will be reminded

It is where and who we are

That makes our art


Christopher Konrad




in here almost beyond belief

catch the flicker that darts

from your shadow


am i so impressive, imposing

to cause panic

in things so small, and so complete


Alistair Bain


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  1. Delores Purdy

21_DeloresPurdy copy

50 x 35 acrylic on paper


forest floor


and discontinuity


you want to live forever

worms will eat 
all of us


Mar Bucknell



Gathering forth

Towards the beat of the African drum

If only we could hear

Wrinkled elders as old as earth

Your ancient ways

Told and retold

On dusty trails


Tanya Jaw


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  1. Liliana Cheldi

22_Liliana Cheldi copy

35 x 25 acrylic on canvas


Little Black Dog

My little black dog

barking at the yellow moon.

What can you see up there

little dog?

A slice of holey cheese

or maybe Neil Armstrong’s footprints.


Laurel Lamperd



Rhythm of waves shapes the land

where seeds dropped by seabirds

burst into life, fronds waving

in afternoon sea breezes.

Blue sky reflects blue sea,

white-topped waves beneath

white-bellied clouds.


All is peace here, tranquil,

until the school bell rings.


Andrew Burke


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  1. Lindsay Stubbs


30 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Doodles and Dithers

Tinctures for turtles

trains at T junctions


tiptoe with big toes

doodles and dithers


green aeroplanes fly

jellies in the sky


catch me to teach me

rhyming and rhythms


Saz Campbell



A Distant View

Looking out I see a new world,

new horizons filled with unknown promise.

The familiar is secure, bound by fences

Out there danger waits; ready to unfurl

excitement, peril, adventure beyond control.

in the distance I see harmony;

hard won peace, tranquillity

a map of the future unravels and unfolds.

Life is full of chances some of which we choose.

If we stay behind the fence, how much will we lose?


Veronica Lake


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  1. Michelle Storer


35 x 28 acrylic on canvas


they say it’s the way

water gathers into light


but beam to beam

we are joined


she caresses my tears

I caress her heart


We remember in rainbows

Stretching from her to me


Every colour dances from her smile

Every colour her gift to me


Deanne Leber



My mother lives in the rainbow

The rainbow lives in the sky

Not so I.


I am the green girl

asleep on the earth


awaiting with joy

my mothers calling


Dennis Greene

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  1. Chris Curley


25 x 20 acrylic on canvas



Sweeping sundrenched sands

verdant vegetation

rugged rocky outcrops

illusory impressions.


Meryl Manoy



The Continent Looks Up

It’s a short flight

between then and now


in this moment

the whole is shown


each rock and tree

and crop distinct


a perfect setting for

that rare blue gem


Liana Joy Christensen


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  1. Jane Gribben


35 x 28 acrylic on canvas


colour my garden

sunflower yellow

salvia red

cornflower blue


placed one-by-one


glowing light

merging summer sun


         Sally Clarke



I can see some of the garden outside,

as I peer through the glass brick wall.

The flowers moving like an ocean tide,

their coloured heads on stems so tall.


It’s not plain to see what each could be,

looking through shiny but fuzzy glass.

There’s yellow, red and some blue I see,

But it’s warm and helps the time to pass.


            Sandra McAlpine


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  1. Karen Smith


30 x 30 acrylic on canvas



Well, she hasn’t got a photo

So I can’t tell you her age

Yet I know she signs her art

At the top left side of the page

It’s got earth right at the bottom

And a nice rainbow with no sky

With the west coast in the middle

It makes me sort of wonder why

Is she thinkin’ of our long coastline

Or an eagle soaring way up high?


John McBain



Quinten, Dean, Andrew, Brett,

Daniel, Nicholas, Adam, Josh,

Sam, Bradd, Jack, Shannon,

Mark and Mitchell,

all make up colours of my rainbow,

as they run, dodge and leap,

soar like their namesake in the sky.


Sue Clennell


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  1. Richard Smither

28_Richard Smither

26 x 20 acrylic on canvas




What can I see,

A tall, green tree

Reaching out its arms to me.


What can I feel a sun, warm slope

I can lean against and breathe in hope.


The sun is blue, the sky is gold,

The grass is a sea, my mind can hold.


What can you see?

What can you feel?

I paint my joy and that is real!


J.R. McRae



The world seen

through a dog’s eye

may seem bland


rainbow colours

but love holds

all the hues

one could desire.


            Gary Colombo De Piazzi


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  1. Sammy Scopa


36 x 28 acrylic on canvas


When Eagles Fly

When the eagles fly,

like a flock of gold on blue,

the cheering crowd rises as a cresting wave,

breaking in a thunderous roar.

A winning goal as the siren screams!


Jacqui Merckenschlager



‘Flying High’

They make my day

Flying high

Kicking the ball

Best in the World…


They make my day

Flying high

If I could paint and drive my caravan

It would shine and fly like an Eagle ball…


The Eagles are cool bananas

Best in the World, making my day.


Julie Fearns-Pheasant


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  1. Wayne Cooper


30 x 30 acrylic on canvas


take the fruit

from still life with fruit

eat, enjoy, squander, discard

bowl vine table and all

do what you will and

leave me with what is left

still life.


Christina Gammon



It could be van Gogh

a table set for two or three

those arms like nature blend

cherries, pears, banana too

so rich and ripe


as hunger calls

those arms lean forward

bend to welcome me


Rose van Son


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  1. Wayne Cooper


25 x 20 acrylic on canvas


Friday Night

Friday night,

and seven jaffas

free of the box

meet up with


four grapes

off the bunch,

the possibilities


far beyond

frames of


land or sea


Kevin Gillam




Outside my window

Flowers dance in the soft breeze

Touched by morning dew


Outside my window

Raindrops slide down the smooth glass

Flowers growing wet


Inside my window

Curtains dance in the soft breeze

Flowers in a vase


Deb Micallef


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  1. Sammy Scopa


30 x 30 acrylic on canvas


it’s impossible not to see this oiled

engine for freedom on the open road


tearing through its limitations

like a rocket through an interstate border


searching out miles of blue and gold daylight

on its way away from here


but this caravan won’t forget to come to rest

at night beside the highway


protecting us from all sorts of weather

preparing for the new day’s flight


            Nathan Hondros




The caravan is so still on the page

swiftly it passes me through all the blue green

green blue landscape camping yellow sun

shower days I can remember playing draughts

waiting for the rain to pass jumping in to swim

in deep water watching the whitebait run

kicking a footy climbing a tree cooking up

some damper writing a poem reading a book

taking a look at the country round about

blue green green blue


yet the caravan is so still on the page


Carol Millner


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  1. Robyn Edwards


40 x 30 mixed media on canvas


We be three confident chicks

with midnight feathers ‘n legs like sticks

On cobbled land we strut ‘n frisk,

pose for the cameras, take a risk

We relish ‘n polish our personal flaws

in this stony zone where nothin’ grows

but we, dancin’ under radical skies

with tails a-wag ‘n comin’-at-ya eyes


Janet Jackson



we clan, we plan

we gather. we flock. we

feather. we pebble. we

crew. we glue. we are

few, but many. we

collect ourselves around

ourselves. our long necks

can see the future, where

we are still friends. we

clan, we plan, forever



Scott-Patrick Mitchell


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  1. Elinor Doddrell

34_ElinorDoddrell copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Frozen Fireworks

Your lovely coloured trees

are frozen fireworks .

Each branch crackles with life.


Peter Jeffery OAM



Mother Teresa

Reached out to the untouchables.

Blessed the humble     fed the hungry

eased the dying.

Kindle three candles.

Celebrate a frail presence set alight

by love’s matchless passion.


Jan Napier


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  1. Colette Deavin


60 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Rainbow in Reverse

when it rains

the sky bleeds colours

like a rainbow in reverse

like a waterfall paintbox

spilling colours to the floor

so in springtime

they surprise us

in the carnival of flowers

of the bush


Paula Jones



Queuing for an Audition

Dressed to impress

they wait in a line,

nervously hope

they remember their line,

their futures, you see,

are all on the line –

only one in the line will be chosen.


Val Neubecker

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  1. Hugo Costa


60 x 30 acrylic on canvas


The weather man warns –

giant waves will crash

wild winds will blow

trees could come down

gutters overflow

but I don’t care

I’ll stay home

listen to music

and paint spring.


Liz Nicholls



Hugo’s hands in the paint

The paint on Hugo’s hands

spread rumours       of giant red birds

blue lakes fed       by rain and green

and broad leafed trees

to hide them all in


Amanda Joy


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  1. Geoffrey Sykes


60 x 30 acrylic on canvas


A beautiful painting of sand and greenery

Is Geoff’s interpretation of scenery.

A helping hand is all he requires

To get the colours he desires.

A touch of blue between the green

Is the sky’s hue easily seen.

Roadways he did in shades of brown

With other colours portraying town.

There’s the footy field in a splodge of green.

Geoff paints of things where he has been.


Colleen O’Grady



Bright Sensation

I love weekends with family and friends,

for colourful conversation.


And to go to the footy with lots of fans,

and cheer with the whole Aussie nation.


Linked to my life, a whole range of people,

to be wrapped in great celebration.


This artwork description applies to them all.

Each one is a Bright Sensation.


Julienne Juschke


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  1. Eleana Bredemeyer


25 x 20 acrylic on canvas


The sign of We

I do carry you within me

At the least the potential you

Whether that be the colour yellow upon meeting blue

Or you the viewer of my wares

But this deep green is another invention

It manifests new worlds upon being aired and

Entering into me

It hails a whole new language

The sign of we


Christopher Konrad



Across the ink of squid and pippis we send our souls

The sea accepts us impartially , sometimes we are food

Sometimes we are pleasure takers

Sometimes we voyage to take for ourselves

But always somewhere the sun is setting on oceans

On squid ink and pippis down by the sea.


Virginia O’Keeffe


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  1. Darren Towie


25 x 20 acrylic on canvas


Falling Apples

Running the race to beat the school bell’s tolling

in autumn chill days we jogged past apple trees

fogbound in a neighbour’s orchard. Newton’s apples

of gravity were no heavier than these beauties, hefty

red globules waiting to be unstemmed by rough schoolboy

tugging for a munched crisp lunch at the school’s first break.


            Glen Phillips



Life is an apple tree

Ripe and ready for me

Shake it hard


Wait for fruit to fall

Either way

I can gather

The deliciousness of it all


Tanya Jaw


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  1. Kerene Smith


20 x 25 acrylic on canvas


A Touch of Flowers

A touch of flowers

gold and blue, they hum with love

deep within their hearts


A bouquet of gold and

blossoms blue

dabs of flowers

Just for you


Debra Ratcliffe




Sunflowers dancing in the breeze

like Wordworth’s daffodils.

Strong colours beneath a hot sun

so different to the pale golden beauties

from that other chilly land.


Laurel Lamperd


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  1. Dylan Haylett


40 x 50 mixed media on canvas



Out beyond the garden wall

where rabbits play and weeds grow tall,

there is a place I’ve never seen,

a place where all that grows is green

and fluffy clouds hang in the sky

but never rain – I wonder why,

Perhaps I’ll visit there some day

before I lose the will to play

and do those childish things once more

for that is what that place is for.


Peter Rondel




In this quiet place,

Rocks and river water go tumbling to the sea.

Here is tranquillity, time to pause and listen,

time to see green things growing,

reaching up to golden sun.


In this quiet place,

The puff and drift of clouds caress blue skies

Here is serenity, time to dream and hope,

time to plan rainbow tomorrows.


In this quiet place, there is sanctuary.


Veronica Lake


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  1. Stephen Dodd


35 x 45 mixed media on canvas


I write books on bark

prayers on leaves

poems on stems

and small affirmations

concealed in seeds

I plant for tomorrow


Deanne Leber



Tree of Life

Stretched from bare root fingers

a thick trunk paints a path

leaves whisper ‘autumn’s here’

and whistle pods sizzle wind seeds

filling the air with warm song.

This is my golden opportunity.


Paula Jones


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  1. Elinor Doddrell

43_ElinorDoddrell copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Chariot Race

I watch two red horses

a green chariot with

two green wheels

and green driver

surge forward to

the finishing line.


Meryl Manoy



feel velvet green caress your skin

hear sizzling red tickle your ears

taste lemon yellow tart on your tongue

breathe in deep and smell the beauty

as you see my painting unfold


and know

this is my gift to you


Maureen Sexton

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  1. Jeffrey Loh

44_JeffreyLoh copy

30 x 40 acrylic on canvas


Myth Bird

I look through your fire window

and on the other side

all the possibilities in the world


I see sky   the spirit behind this flame

the rising phoenix of you who opened that window


You who crafted these possibilities

and my heart-mind is created new


It is love that rises like the sky

like the mythical bird

like you


Christopher Konrad



Looking into the flames of the fire,

there is more than just wood in there.

The heat is spitting out fierce colours,

like nylon ribbons dancing in the air.


Sandra McAlpine


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  1. Melissa Costanzo

45_MelissaCostanzo copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas



I sip my hot tea

While drinking in the sunrise

Through my poets’ eyes


No shepherd’s warning

Natures glorious dawning

To start my morning


            Catherine Szathmary



Favourite Hat

I reckon it’s her very favourite one

The one for those fun creative times

If she was writing down some poetry

It’d have some really lovely rhymes


And as I’m looking into her canvas

I’m wondering what’s it saying to us?


There’s nothing that’s right or wrong

And nothing that’s good or bad, yet

If we think our Melissa isn’t happy

All of our country should feel sad


John McBain


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  1. Melissa Costanzo

46_MelissaCostanzo copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Deep Purple

Frenetic, energetic,

pulsing on the crest of savage rage,

bruised and blue for me and you,

Purple pluck disciples on their stage.


Jacqui Merckenschlager




I love to mix the rich, deep tones

And make new colours of my own.


I love the way the colours blend!

Stroke, splash, and line

They weave and wend

And come together and combine

To make something unique

That’s mine!


J.R. McRae


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  1. Colette Deavin


75 x 40 acrylic on canvas


After The Rain

After the rain

brown-skinned children

pattern the creekbed

with squelching toes

as a searing sun

steals the last puddle.


Max Merckenschlager




A postcard of this moment

To bring these feelings home

I can start over in this moment

and walk beside

Your footprints in the sand


Tash Adams

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  1. Denis Tomlinson


45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


Life Among Rubble

the long-horn mouths of the clouds

celebrate the raging refusal to lie down

in pastel or grey or spiked dry dearth

i remember the tulips, like this, slabbed

patterned, zephyr-caressed, in places

the work of human hands thought they’d made

a pleasant planting, not counting on

creation’s connection with soil that is soil

from the molecules of mountains and river-trammelled rock

the eye of life among rubble, hidden and exploding


Alistair Bain




across the sky circling cloud

a legacy of ochre blend

the road to your house

close again


and on the road wine will flow

and on the grass your toes

will carve a path again


Rose van Son

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  1. Natasha Marchese


45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


Two Little Ducklings

We ducked off as the sun set,

Permission? – we had none,

We flapped around a muddy pool,

Such squishy-wishy fun.


We looked in both directions,

Surveillance should be double,

But, uh-oh, here come Mum and Dad,

I think we’re in big trouble.


Val Neubecker



Ice cream

In a bowl, in a cone

With a topping, on its own


Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, honey

Eat it quickly when it’s sunny


In a waffle cone, on a stick

Lots of toppings, take your pick


Milk shake, thick shake, as a drink

Take your pick, but make mine pink!


Deb Micallef


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  1. Sue Mary Clark

50_SueMaryClark copy

45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


Dance, lady, dance,

flamenco red on

hot summer sands …

Red chilli peppers

in the blistering sun …

Paint sings as

your brushes swirl –

Dance, lady, dance!


Andrew Burke




softly we have become round

we dance with suffis

inscribe circles lift weightless

spirals brush open

the secrets of the universe

dissolve in lemon

saffron vermillion gold


Carol Millner


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  1. Darren Towie & Eleana Bredemeyer


Twin panel 35 x 45 acrylic on canvas


Fields of Gold Companions

Unfurl your wings this landscape invites

to soar across fields of gold


companions these trees our friends

these sweet these blessed living things


enveloped we are whole

twin souls with one another


this landscape of all and everything

invites us unfurl your wings


Saz Campbell




Rorschach showed me the world &

folded it in half. ‘what do you see?

’ he hmmmmmed. i replied ‘i see the

beauty of the lightness of being, the

ability to reach darkness’edge, to

find the space between & just be

instead.’ the correct answer is

never correct, just is


Scott-Patrick Mitchell


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  1. Shelley Marcolina

52_ShelleyMarcolina copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


the day spring came

buds popped

bright explosions

in pastel rain

blossoms fell

bees hummed

honey hymns

blue sky arched

compliments of the sun


Coral Carter



When the redfish run in winter

fishermen feast and sing.

Women bury amulets

nurture rare golden roses

offer a tribute of blooms

to Poseidon each dawn.

Ask safe passage

for their sons.


Jan Napier


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  1. Tyng Lim


40 x 20 acrylic on canvas


See how the birds fly

caught between heartbeat

and minute,


never once asking why

just glad to be in it


Dennis Greene




A treble, a triple,

A triptych, a trine,

A troika, a triplet,

All three times as fine.


A trio of plants

Smelling three times as sweet,

A triad of birds

Give a triplicate tweet.


Val Neubecker


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  1. Natala Cook

54_Natalia Cook

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


today I saw a butterfly


above soft sun warmed petals

it was a gentle moment

a moment of peace


Liz Nicholls



seeking colours for painting

like stringing colours for beads


subtle matching

blending, contrasting

shapes, sizes differ

dramatic effects


on the page or

worn for best


Sally Clarke

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  1. Lana Davie

55_LanaDavie copy

30 x 23 acrylic on canvas


A delicate wild rose of soft green,

Surrounded by a pinkish sheen

Of gentle outback background

And pretty leafy scene.

Lana’s work, a dedication

To her people of this nation,

A land that is mostly brown,

Lana’s work is of its creation.


Colleen O’Grady



I am a green camellia, not yet ripe,

and although I have no scent,

I am cousin to the rose,

pucker for her kisses.


Sue Clennell


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  1. Rikki Trainor

56_RikkiTrainor copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Coming home late on the train

Their heads together

Hands moving, fingers whispering

Beside a window in the yellow platform’s light

They huddle

Their names etched for all to see

Testament to their existence

Tag me she says.


Virginia O’Keeffe



Red birthday cake and black balloons

that pop amid the streamers

in the mad cap scramble

party laugh and music.

Licking my fingers

with cake smeared lips.


Gary Colombo De Piazzi


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  1. Vivienne Sharp


32 x 33 mixed media on canvas



Squishing autumn leaves between my toes,

feet and fingers

Colours full, veined and vibrant

Like Vincent’s paint palette

Colours changing hue.


Squishing paint between my fingers

Colours mingle like molten tears

If Vincent was here

He’d join in to.


Julie Fearns-Pheasant



Music In A Café

Four nights I sought her

in one Paris café after another.

Guitars played, lights dimmed. After

dinner and dance the rest a blur.


Four nights I waited, eyes

always to the door where she

might appear with that smile

touching heart strings, stirring sighs.


Glen Phillips

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  1. Lisa Bernic


30 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Toasting Toes

Wood crackling, amber flames,

sparking blue

white light

waves of warmth for

toasting toes


Debra Ratcliffe



building in layers

art as life

feel then layer

smooth over

then leave

awaiting the next

step back to see

with paint between my toes


Christina Gammon


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  1. Kathy Adair

59_KathyAdair copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas



amidst a

flurry of

fire and doubt

and fret and

envy and ice

and angst and

despair and


hope cuts circles


Kevin Gillam



Plating up

She knows the ways of herbs and spices,

cutting cheese in nice thin slices;

chopping onions ‘till she cries –

a touch of love in all she fries

Her symphony in treble clef

she is to me, a master chef.

In candle light, a glass of wine

‘tis kitchen magic when we dine.


Peter Rondel


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  1. Graham McNally

60_GrahamMac copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


this is out on the periphery

of red dirt rising into morning


of the memory of a concluded journey


in the branches we watch morning approach

foliage protects us from the soil’s fire


could we be up so high we can see?


then the sternness of a eucalypt

all the heat of midday


Nathan Hondros



Aussie Icon

I am a foreigner within this blue-green refuge

from summer hillsides veiled blue-grey

as eucalyptus scents the air

and screaming forest giants tumble,

timber sacrificed for instant jobs.

We’re sliced from our neighbours of generations

by superhighways as insidious as Israeli walls.

Isolated, inbred, threatened with extinction.


Jacqui Merckenschlager


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  1. Lisa Bernic


30 x 30 acrylic on canvas


my feet are a mirror

image of each other

opposite and

the same


my toes swish through

the paint leaving waves

of joy on my face


I look in the mirror

and see you smiling


Maureen Sexton



at my feet,

a sunlit sea-garden of warm wet translucence

tight and branched corals and long shifting fronds

dark eel places and cray places

happy anemones and quick fish


this is a snapshot of my habitat,

a corner of my complexity,

a mirror of my mystery


if there are any sharks,

they are a long way from here


Janet Jackson


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  1. Lisa Bernic


50 x 60 acrylic on canvas



Thank you toes for allowing me

to express my creativity.

Paint in my toes gives me pleasure

pursuing art at my leisure.

It may take weeks to achieve

a result of which I’m pleased.

Thank you toes for no complaint

to dip in squishy squashy paint.

My five digit signature plain to see

this art work was created by ME – LISA BERNIC


Meryl Manoy



Lisa, believe it or not

I see a face here beautifully patterned

With spots, dashes, multi-colors,

As natives readying themselves for corroboree.


Everyday we have the same old features,

Eyes, nose, lips, teeth and even wiggling ears,

But here all has been made fresh and new,

Mysterious like tigers rippling through bamboo,

As sweet as hundreds and thousands.


Peter Jeffery OAM


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  1. Ken Reedy

63_KenReedy copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas



It only takes one spark

to ignite the blank page,

and one spark

to burn the words

to paper ash,

and let the letters fly

like birds

like birds

like birds.


Paula Jones



Bird on a branch

Tawny Frogmouth Owl

Silent observer of truth

God’s feathered angel


Catherine Szathmary


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  1. Terry Cousins

64_TerryCousins copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas



Hear the circus lady sing,

clutching goose beneath her wing,

feathers plucked for this and that –

one is in the cricket’s hat!

Leaping flames on charcoal’s glow;

after Sunday’s final show

friends will gather for a feast:

cricket, showmen, bird and beast.


Max Merckenschlager



Colour Explosion

A wet plush green

eddies at the edges

bubbling gold & red like

light through rain on

a windscreen, the way

it splashes & trembles

then is quiet


Amanda Joy


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  1. Peter Iland


40 x 40 acrylic on canvas


Warm from the oven

buns, pies and

a hot-cross bun,

now, where’s that

cup of tea?


            Maureen Sexton



It’s A Hot Cross Bun, Of Course

It’s not a horse … of course.

It’s a bun, of course.

And it’s HOT, with a cross above.


And it’s NOT for a horse,

Of course, of course.

It’s for me with some tea …

which I love. Of course.


Julienne Juschke

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  1. Anthony Pedrochi

66_AnthonyPedrochi copy

45 x 25 acrylic on canvas


Hurdy-gurdy, hurdy-gurdy,

Spin like a spinning top.

Topsy-turvy, topsy-turvy,

Hair like a washing mop.

Seaweed flowing, seaweed waving

Like a sun-filled barley crop.


Andrew Burke




It is the afternoon breeze that wings these hues

lifts, swirls and eddies them onto this canvas


shifts my attention between striation of red, yellow and blue

as fingers swift with intention sweep across my view


I am caught in crossfire of colour

I am unfashionable in this moment of chiaroscuro


I am carried beyond the legislation of my reason


Christopher Konrad


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  1. Harry Wheeler

67_HarryWheeler copy

45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


The Wise Ones

The Wise One said, what say you of love?

I showed Him my art


and He bowed down to me

He said He saw many beautiful colours


and a big heart

I said, what say You of love?


He showed me His many beautiful colours

and His big heart


I bowed down to Him

at Heaven’s gate


Saz Campbell



Heated frenzy

Streamers paint the sky

As the gun goes off

Over tracks

Fanning the runners’ fire


Tanya Jaw


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  1. Graham Hoffman


45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


Flying Yellow Man

Yellow surreal man

flying above the pansy patch

How I wish I were you

seeing what you see

from my fixed place

down here.


Laurel Lamperd



June winter morning

street lights blur in grey – no birds

sunrise goes unsung


Coral Carter


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  1. Millie D’Rozario

69_MillieDRozario copy

45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


You Are Invited

Balloons hold parties and invite all their mates:

the sweeties, the smarties, the spoons and the plates


They head to the beaches and have lots of fun

without all their teachers they play in the sun


Although they are tired out (all parties must end

the smarties and sweeties will always be friends


Liana Joy Christensen




The world spins,

pulsing with light,

full of whirling energy.

Vibrant colours swirl into patterns,

spinning red, twirling through blue to green,

bursting into yellow.


The whirligig of time explodes into new stars

Our vision is changed;

we see with clarity

everything is brighter now.


Veronica Lake


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  1. Harry Wheeler

70_HarryWheeler copy

35 x 45 acrylic on canvas


I spelt names

like Sturt’s Desert Pea

with my fingers

turned them

hand over palm


Long before I knew their shape

words bloomed bouquets

I examined their spaces

pressed them onto pages

and dreamt the difference


            Deanne Leber




in the colours I choose

strong reds, black, vivid green

like the Sturt desert pea


sleeping-in on winter mornings

I dream these colours

look for them

from bus and train windows


place them with care

in my painting


Sally Clarke

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  1. Terry Ashton


40 x 50 acrylic on canvas


Ghosts and Ghouls

A coal black night

inviting ghouls and spectres

to cavort.

Ghostly white figures

float above

a winged hound,



Meryl Manoy



I send you a white night mare,

with a dressing of roses.

My proof that the dark need

hold no terror,

when wrapped with love.


Sue Clennell


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  1. Jenny Travers

72_JennyTravers copy

40 x 50 acrylic on canvas


A thousand lights

explode behind my eyes

to shatter the black.

Each bright spark

a dream, each flash

a hope, each streak

a star to wish upon.


            Gary Colombo De Piazzi



It’s such a chilly and frosty night,

but should stay much too cold to rain.

The tree is dripping crystals of white,

against black sky in the window frame.


Sandra McAlpine


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  1. Terri Haynes

73_TerriHaynes copy

45 x 35 acrylic on canvas


‘Scribble Pigeon Walking’

On the worker day pavement people step and stride…

…going over and over where others have been.

So busy, so bustled, so bothered…

…if we painted diamonds on their soles and showed

them who had been there before them; would they care?


No matter; the street pigeons trace steps at day’s end…

Squawking and scribble walking over sole echoes

that are discarded by pavement people.


Julie Fearns-Pheasant



Can you hear me laughing

When I am bubbly bathing


Can you sense me in the ocean

Enjoying that swimming notion


As you look at books upon a shelf

Can you see where I find myself


Can you feel special things and places

Within our shared air, water and dirt


I hope you really enjoy my artwork

You know I practiced on my shirt !


John McBain


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  1. Terry Ashton


40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


life comes at me


like wet paintballs


colours blurred


i take each one on

with a joyous holler


Christina Gammon



Let’s Dance!

A splash of green, a dash of red ,

Can you guess just what the colours said?


“Please paint us together, we want to play!”

That’s always what the colours say!


They beam from the palette, they cling to the brush,

They sweep and they splash, they leap and they gush!


A splash of red, a dash of green,

Aren’t these the dancingest colours you’ve seen!


J.R. McRae


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  1. Terry Ashton

75_TerryAshton copy

45 x 35 acrylic on canvas



a kind of badge,

kind of burden,

a number scrawled


in ink on the

back of your hand.

a kind of stain on


the hours, a kind of

ball of torn wool,

black rain unfalling


Kevin Gillam




“Get out of my yard,”

the rooster squwarks,

beating his wings

in a devilish dance

but the black dog barks

a deep down bark,

turns inside-out

with laughter.


Jacqui Merckenschlager


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  1. Graham Hoffman

76_GrahamHoffman copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


something is hiding in this one

behind the swathing paint


there is nothing tentative here

we are embraced by force


locked into canvas dimensions

I search out this obscurity with him


but nothing in me prefers an answer

to the question he proffers


in the brush strokes, posed in

the undressing of white space


            Nathan Hondros



Musical Feast

So fast you write to me

and I reply in gentle breaths

your voice I hear as amethyst

soothes like drummer on the wind


your notes pearl or even bronze

spurt rosy red between the lines

the moment slides and just in time

I catch your words and music rocks


Rose van Son


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  1. Adrian Chadwick

77_AdrianChadwick copy

60 x 45 acrylic on canvas


Filtering the Senses

Soft, silky, calming plumes

Early morning rose

Sun-warmed skin; banana custard

Sand between my toes

Peaceful; leafy sprigs of mint; freshly cut lawn

Joyful frog band

Sweet, feathery lavender; velvety sage

Royal, lilac dreamland


Deb Micallef



This isn’t for looking at

but someone is watching. Someone is always

watching. This is my sound / my dance / my joy / breathing

pine needles and old rain / with old bass rain my blood / dark

electric berry stains and bright lemony squirts / this is my pink

tint of spiders singing / my nightwings

ruffling in the violin wind / I spiral

and slide and curl and sway and nod / alone

in my difficult deep dance bliss


Janet Jackson


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  1. Jodie Bateman


30 x 90 mixed media on canvas




Just look at you!


All lace ‘n flowers,

those eyes

your smile…


And I’ll bet that’s your first maxi.


You’ve even got a daisy in your hair

as big as your head!


Carol Millner


The Floral Doll

Jodie, a doll with daisies, day’s eyes,

Tall and slender, with the sun

Hovering as a flower over her head.


Long lines of dress,

Colours streaming like patterned water,

Silk on silk,

or fronds of a multi-colored weeping willow.


Peter Jeffery OAM


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  1. Jennifer Hyde


25 x 20 mixed media on canvas


Geraldton Cake

 When layering a cake

with sweet, sandy icing

it is always tastier

to decorate with sunshine,

glitter stars, flowers and love

so that each bite

is a taste of

the good life.


Paula Jones




drive north of here, dear, to where

sand drives wide the dust & dunes

. my heart is where my home is, &

home is up there. the shapes tell me

what to paint, & i paint a collage

glittering the canvas



Scott-Patrick Mitchell


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  1. Jennifer Hyde

80_Jennifer Hyde

30 x 60 acrylic on canvas


Crane your head

to see over the fence


Where the grass is golden

the sun behind you


lighting up your dreamy

story, warming your skin


the water held in it

drawing all

into music


Amanda Joy



Thinking of life

I paint the chair yellow,


Thinking of joy,

I paint the cushion red.


The journey home

is a blue ribbon


Dennis Greene



The Mailman

Waiting at the mailbox

for the postman

I hear his whistle down the street

and the bark of the neighbour’s little dog

when he races to the closed gate

to welcome him.

The postman blows his whistle

and pops a red parcel into my box.


Laurel Lamperd


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  1. Jodie Bateman


35 x 45 mixed media on canvas


Ah hah, he grins,

a collection,

what a selection!

who needs a bone

when you have

such confection?


on reflection,

it’s perfection.


Val Neubecker




Sometimes I work at a power shop, or just hang out with friends

Sometimes we watch some footy games, or jump right in a pool


Sometimes I play with my friend’s dog, who has a great big grin

Sometimes I feel inspired, and jump on my painting stool


One day I felt inspired, by this dog who wears hearts on his sleeve

To capture the joy he gives, with my collage and painting tools


So here you have it, I’ve finished. I do hope my friend is quite pleased

And to his dog, my model, I say “Rubin, I think you’re cool!”


            Julienne Juschke


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  1. John Pearson


30×60 acrylic on canvas


I am a water tank.

Look deep into me.

You will see treasure

more precious than


Liz Nicholls



Water Tank

 H2O in any other language


I see signs, signs of future speak

we look for places to unearth the stuff, to seed our clouds


We look to contain it

and here the perfect vehicle, this yellow tank

This secret glyph you have sent to me unwittingly


as if from the future where you saw deserts

through your perfect circle

As if           you know something I do not


Christopher Konrad


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  1. Douglas Hard


45 x 45 acrylic on canvas


A smiling face holds a picture

Of a dancing dog carrying lettuce

And a carrot. Rascal in tincture,

With a blue hat to set us

On a journey of salad and carrot cake.

Douglas has painted joy in his picture

Of his Mum’s dog. Photos he’ll take,

And flying adds to his daily tincture.

Such a painting we enjoy,

Where Douglas applies his daily employ.


Colleen O’Grady



Sunday in the park

I didn’t want the stick

Until you had it.


Tanya Jaw


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  1. Raymond Hill


40 x 40 acrylic on canvas



yellow floats by

sunny, warm, lifts my spirits

red all around me

gives me courage, strength

black grounds me

‘til firmly back on my feet

balancing green

gets the blood flowing

and cool blue

seals my peace of mind


Maureen Sexton



Oxford Street Friday night

Homegoers  heads averted against

Rain spattered the windscreen

Wipers wash away the neons

But they return blurred and melded to

A palette of horns tyres brakes streetlights

Cars carry them onward

Sliding and dancing into the void.


Virginia O’Keeffe


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  1. Katie Bassett

85_KatieBassett copy

40 x 30 acrylic on canvas


Strewn Carnations

I’ll make you a happy room,

a room where your laughter

of happiness might exceed mine,

where love could live ever after:


it’d be a wide room, white-washed,

with white tiles wall-to-wall

but, most of all, the pink carnations

(my whirlwind gift card) say it all.


Glen Phillips



Let There Be Pink Roses

Let there be roses blushing pink,

reflecting your heart’s desire.

Let there be hope, flitting across life

like pale tinted apple blossom.

Let pink petals be all that is sweet and young,

making the world a better place.

Let pink herald a new dawn,

bringing laughter and delight,

lifting hearts up into joy.

Let there always be pink roses.


Veronica Lake


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  1. Sean Roche


40 x 75 acrylic on canvas


As the band plays

Stars sink into lights

Shining from the grand bow

Rippling the water


Each note builds constellations

We look at and gasp

Titanic! Indestructible!



Deanne Leber



The Titanic

The Titanic sailed into

a sea of ice

sturdily chugging

everyone snuggling against

weather that wasn’t so nice

the engines full thrust

forced ice to bust

forging a way through

for the passage of Titanic Two


Debra Ratcliffe

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  1. Mathew Froud


60 x 90 acrylic on canvas



She strikes the night with tongues of flame

as all about her shakes

while man may pray to ancient Gods

when old Mount Etna wakes.


She reaches high into the night,

her fingers heaven bound

and spreads her evil silent cloak

of ash upon the ground.


Peter Rondel



Pulling Strings

A most exciting thing

is dancing puppets on a string

controlling every move by hand

a joy you wouldn’t understand

unless you’re the one in control

to make them twist or rock-n-roll.

A blur of red across a black stage

describes Mathew’s art upon this page.


Meryl Manoy

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  1. Ruth Marpole

88_RuthMarpole copy

30 x 40 acrylic on canvas


What happened to my bubble scarf?

I’m sure I hung it on the chair.

Is someone playing tricks on me?

I cannot find it anywhere.


With lots of colours varied and bold,

It wraps and wraps around.

Keeping out the wind and cold,

goodness, look what I just found!


Sandra McAlpine



Jellybean Jingles

give me a palette of rainbow hues

and watch my paint-box swamp your blues

with jellybean jingles, an opal’s gleam,

my floral flock in a songbird stream,

ribbons of laughter, bright and gay;

let me flood your mood of grey!


Max Merckenschlager

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  1. Janelle McMahon


30 x 40 acrylic on canvas


red silk curtains vibrate

as music waltzes through the room

notes drift up the walls

find homes in the ceiling

speakers expand

as the piece gains tempo

and I shiver with

the sound


Maureen Sexton



Opportunities for Gladness

When I look at it all finished

I know it was once nothing

Until she kindly helped me

As I made it into something


If you are wondering what it is

Its was a lovely day I once had

If it helps you feel a bit happier

Then it has helped me be so glad


John McBain


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  1. Gynetta Panaia


90 x 60 acrylic on canvas



Ancient grand mother giver of life

ascend with the rising sun

enchanting Goddess of Gaia Earth

paint me a palette of gossamer lights


Many faces has she to magnetise me

her magic and mirth to inspire

alluring enabling my gift of the arts

empowering to my greatest heights


Saz Campbell



For Love of Sun and Sea

I love the surf,

I love the sea,

The way waves beckon

‘Come with me!’


I’ve painted the sun,

I’ve painted the sea

In the many moods

They speak to me.


J.R. McRae


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  1. Adam Bosich

91_AdamBosich copy

60 x 45 acrylic on canvas


Football Game

Arena of mud,

Sweat, tears and blood…

Go the Whites

Keep up the fight!

Go the Blues

You must not lose!

Until the final siren sounds;

Until the players leave the grounds;

Until the victory song is sung;

The battle’s on for old and young!


Catherine Szathmary



after rain

we wait for green

push through green

plush green

soothe my eyes green

after rain

we celebrate green

conjure razzle colours


Coral Carter


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  1. Raymond Thomas

92_RaymondThomas copy

60 x 45 acrylic on canvas


In Praise of the Microscope

The pond water on my slide was clear

until stained like medieval glass

and illuminated to the power of ten

it burst into diversity magnifying

the glory of all life forms








for histology


Liana Joy Christensen



Spring Garden

Ponded frogs where tadpoles cling,

life rehearsed in burst of Spring.

Autumn’s dross and Winter’s gloom

swept aside by floral bloom.


Max Merckenschlager


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  1. Tony Santoro

93_TonySantoro copy

30 x 40 acrylic on canvas



The sun sinks low

in hollow gold


light caught in nets of glory.


Dennis Greene



Sorrento Sunset

Limoncello yellow sun smiling back at me

Refractions like blood orange chiffon

as she dips into the sea. A knowing

wink and then she’s gone

“Buona Sera Cara Mia. A Domani.”


Tash Adams

(Italian translation: Good Evening My Dear. ‘Til Tomorrow)


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  1. Tony Santoro


30 x 40 acrylic on canvas


Slave Ship

Sea deep she sleeps

darksome past pillowed in silt.

The great current clanks

slathers of shackles yet unslipped

jostles skulls   ribs   tibias.

Lashes Africa’s lost

into a timpani lament.


Jan Napier




here: a nest of nets

knuckled into shape

hurled into ocean or lake

tossed back, revealed

as foam folds into foam

revealed on wet sand

sun-dried and asking

tell my story, imagine a life

fish my strands and feel

the catch of every kind


            Alistair Bain


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  1. Jane Griben


45 x 45 mosaic


The Sum of the Parts

Something is broken

no need to cry

an artist can mend it


Something is broken

still you can smile

an artist can make it


Something is broken

watch art unfurl


Something is pictured

sweet Daisy girl


Liana Joy Christensen




Lightning split the firmament on the fourth day.

What terrific beauty seen with one eye.

Darkness to morning and the day was complete.


Pieces assembled created a whole,

a world of which fiends and angels sing.

Oedipus, what horror haunted his mind!


But that story assembled created a whole,

the artwork of the Greek Tragedy, a psychological theory

from a collection of separate lines.


Today a canine from fractured tiles.


Jake Dennis

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