Art and Poetry 2007


Artwork 1

Graeme Soulsby
Mardi May
Sally Clarke
Maureen Sexton

Artwork 2

Graeme Soulsby
Sally Clarke
Maureen Sexton

Artwork 3

Graeme Soulsby
John McBain
Frances Macaulay Forde
Sue Clennell

Artwork 4

Kathy Adair
Sue Clennell
Julz Bone

Artwork 5

Katie Bassett
Sue Clennell
Lynette Bryce

Artwork 6

Laurie Coyne
Kevin Gillam
Maureen Sexton

Artwork 7

Michael Hoey
Liana Christensen
Maureen Sexton
Melanie Kwa

Artwork 8

Adrian Chadwick
Mardi May
Saz Campbell

Artwork 9

Alma Jones
Julz Bone
Lynette Bryce

Artwork 10

Barry Tonkin
Mardi May
Sue Clennell

Artwork 11

Bernice Webber
Helen Hagemann
Mardi May

Artwork 12

Bernice Webber
Lynette Bryce
Maureen Sexton

Artwork 13

Colleen O’Neill
Liana Christensen
Maureen Sexton

Artwork 14

Jenny Travers
Sue Clennell
Lynette Bryce

Artwork 15

Reg Mitchell
Maureen Sexton
Mardi May

Artwork 16

John Tillbrook
Frances Macaulay Forde
Maureen Sexton

Artwork 17

Mildred D’Rozario
Kristy Davison
Frances Macaulay Forde

Artwork 18

Annie Taylor
John McBain
Sue CLennell

Artwork 19

Tony Santoro
Liana Christensen
Sue Clennell

Artwork 20

Clayton Winmar
Sally Slarke
Peter Jeffery OAM

Artwork 21

Clayton Winmar
Frances Macaulay Forde
Sally Slarke

Artwork 22

Clayton Winmar
Kevin Gillam
Sally Slarke

Artwork 23

Craig Essler
Sally Slarke
Melanie Kwa
Peter Jeffery OAM

Artwork 24

Joanne Schoenfeld
Kristy Davison
Cathy Szathmary

Artwork 25

Linley Connel
Maureen Sexton
Sally Clarke

Artwork 26

Raymond Thomas
Frances Macaulay Forde
Mardi May

Artwork 27

Timothy Schraman
Kevin Gillam
Melanie Kwa
Mardi May

Artwork 28

Timothy Schraman
Helen Hagemann
Sue Clennell

Artwork 29

Linley Connel, Craig Essler, Emma Tamblyn, Graham McNally, Michael Waters, Harry Wheeler, Clayton Winmar
Sally Clarke
John McBain
Saz Campbell
Melanie Kwa
Peter Jeffery OAM

No 1 Artwork 2007

No. 1
Artist: Graham Soulsby


Art is passionate red
a bleeding of paint
from the creative heart.

Art is a chlorophyll landscape
cut short, neat-edged
as a Sunday lawn.

Art is the fallen blue
of a fractured sky
pooling like water on canvas.

Art imagines possibility
knows no limitation.
Art is the colour of life.

Mardi May ©


amber autumn
our garden orange red

blue green yachts floating
western red sunset

a ginger cat blinks green eyes
orange marigolds in winter flower beds

splashing this colour

Sally Clarke ©


Breaking down the wall
brick by brick
I find freedom
in blue of the sky
green of the trees
and orange of learning.

You may see me yet
when you pull away a brick
and see my smiling face –
for the first time.

Maureen Sexton ©

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No 2 Artwork 2007 Graham Soulsby

No. 2
Artist: Graham Soulsby

ocean is blue

see, i can do this!

take blue from the ocean,
sky blue,
flower blue.

white sunlight rays,
goldfish and red roses
making a picture

gathering colours
my gift

for you

Sally Clarke ©


Shades of Blue

I connect with you
in shades of blue
ocean, sky
as wide as my smile.
I can meet you here
if only you open your eyes
and see the threads
that link us.
And the bold splashes
of red.
Listen to what this painting
is telling you.
Among the sounds
you will hear
what I am saying.

Maureen Sexton ©

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No 3 Artwork 2007 Graham Soulsby

No. 3
Artist: Graham Soulsby

Graham’s Soul

It talks to me. And you?
Lots of chips – 1 and 0
On and off like my computer
Its how we store information
Silicon chips are colourless
And formless and the same
Not like Graham’s painting
Canvas full of colour and form
Not 1 and 0 – he gave us a 10
Grahams Soulsbys there for us.

John McBain ©


Head Music

like an orchestra of color
I place each note

a medley of pink
red strings
orange peels
blue trumpets
surround a few
violas – a
cello or two

complete the tune
in my head.

Frances Macaulay Forde ©


Oz revisited

I paint a green rainbow
for the wicked witch of the West.
Dorothy’s poppies are scattered about
their unripe seeds leading to sleep
emerald dreams dizzying heights.
Click your heels together!
Escape before it’s too late.

Sue Clennell ©

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No 4 Artwork 2007 Kathy Adair

No. 4
Artist: Kathy Adair

I am thinking now of Scotland,
red for the rose of Robbie Burns,
and the blood of the piper
who fluted a warning to his clan
knowing it would lead to death.
But mainly I’m thinking of
the sunshine on the hills, lochs and glens.

Sue Clennell ©


It’s a Concert

We are here
Sat row on row
Late comers jostling
Down the centre
To their chairs numbered
Left right right left sit
People all around
I feel their expectations
The build up
I smile I laugh
Let the show begin!
Something’s happening
Teeming colour
I gasp with glee
Notes of music
Singing loud louder
Oh joy!

Julz Bone ©

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No 5 Artwork 2007

No. 5
Artist: Katie Bassett

I know a woman
who carries her worries
on her back.
I paint her blue.
Look up to the day’s eyes,
I tell her.
Let yellow gladden your soul.

Sue Clennell ©


The Wisdom of Snails

puddles of rain
sunset so yellow
floral bouquet

beauty of nature
not yet stolen
to be spoiled by man

snail of blue
insignificant to some
won’t hurry, goes only slow

bigger is better?

Lynette Bryce ©

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No 6 Artwork 2007 Laurie Coyne

No. 6
Artist: Laurie Coyne

broken tears

footprints across,
tyre across,
sunlight splashes

a snake’s path,
thumb prints,
shells smashed

brown sounds,
yellow leaves strewn,
broken tears

Kevin Gillam ©


Pink winged angels
brush their feathers
ever so lightly
over the earth.
Flying above the
Golden Wattles
they spread hope
over us –
scattered pollen
over a garden.
Like the snake
who leaves his old skin behind
can we build a new home?

Maureen Sexton ©

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No 7 Artwork 2007 Michael Hoey

No. 7
Artist: Michael Hoey

Wind Garden

Come to the gate, love
there’s wonders to see
the wind is a gardener
sets everything free
the night sky in tumbling
spilt stars everywhere
the green fish is swimming
orange oceans of air
trees are tossed skyward
the wind likes to play
Once you come to the gate, love
the fence falls away

Liana Christensen ©


orange/red earth
smudged with little rain
not enough vegetation
to hide a caterpillar
a duck
or a rabbit
no place to hide.

Maureen Sexton ©


Oh purple comb!
Flung far in gay abandon
Thy mistress, fleet of feet
and loose of locks,
has fled a faun in fluttering laughter.

Melanie Kwa ©

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No 8 Artwork 2007

No. 8
Artist: Adrian Chadwick

Me in Kaleidoscope Color

Dots of spaces in places inside outside traces of me in kaleidoscope color making faces in places I can see you joining the dots tracing
the spaces making the places to fit your me who imagines is free
to be or not to be

saz campbell ©



I see balloons
rising into a joyful sky.

I smell flowers
celebrating in sunlight.

I taste their colours
like a box of Smarties spilled.

I hear the music
of rainbows singing.

I touch the creative
potential of art,

And I see things
I have never seen before.

Mardi May ©

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No 9 Artwork 2007

No. 9
Artist: Alma Jones

Footprints of Life

This is where I have

This map of my footprints
of life.

This road from city, town
to country and back.

I watch the birds zigzagging
this way and that.

We are all different but on
the same journey.

Julz Bone ©


Life’s Lessons

tracks in the sand

birds, insects – no discrimination

all living the same surface

what lessons we could learn

too many cross roads

so much confusion

take our blinkers off

Lynette Bryce ©

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No 10 Artwork 2007

No. 10
Artist: Barry Tonkin


On the sea bed
thoughts fossilize.
A filtering of ideas
sifting, drifting
through layers of light,
settling over time
stamped into sand
by the weight of the sea.
A map of memories.

Mardi May ©


And I’m thinking now
of Gotham city caves,
purple bats in the spotlight.
Cowled figures glide
to our rescue,
fight organised crime.
Can they solve shrinking water supplies,
cyclical floods tornadoes tsunamis
sent to us by the underground Joker?

Sue Clennell ©

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No 11 Artwork 2007

No. 11
Artist: Bernice Webber

Green Heart

All day you can look at a jar of water
its contents curved and beautiful.
Mauve bougainvillea and fern like the imprints
you’ll find in the scalloped shapes of a fossil dig.
These forms of life are held in place with
the quick steam of breath, hands shaping
the thin rice-paper of bud and leaf.
Flora picked from the deepest layers of soil
to be pressed like an album.
Look how the sun’s face is green, look
how she opens her crimped-edge smile,
leans over the pond’s water of pebbled hearts.
Can you see how she replenishes the opalescent vase?
Can you see her summer face?
Can you see her green heart?

Helen Hagemann ©



you can hold nature
in the palm of your hand,

…cup a flower blooming
stroke the tropical
frond of a fern,

…can hold onto life
immortal and stilled
in its beauty by art.

And sometimes…
nature smiles
in your face.

Mardi May ©

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No 12 Artwork 2007

No. 12
Artist: Bernice Webber

For Bernice

five souls flying high
point up to the sky
glitter like magic
something sad somewhat tragic

one stands alone
different on your own
lives you have touched
you’ll be missed very much

you may have been misunderstood
judged before seeing all that is good
often is seen the disability first
a common mistake one at its worst

those left behind, the time has come
memories now left, hearts that are won
fly so high, take the time now to rest
be proud of you, you’ve done your best

Lynette Bryce ©


Creative spirit flows freely
her hands shine –
like wings, they fly.
Her struggle over
she leaves us
with gifts –
a vase of flowers
and golden wings.
Her spirit soars.

Maureen Sexton ©

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No 13 Artwork 2007

No. 13
Artist: Colleen O’Neill

Strange the Way

Love arose
over and over
and over again
left its mark
on my heart
strange the way
the shape remains
the same
but, oh, the subtle
colours change

Liana Christensen ©


This is my face.
Can you see my
blushing pink cheeks
deep red lipstick
the green in my eyes
and the flutter
of my eyelashes?
I am a flower,
an Irish rose.

Maureen Sexton ©

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No 14 Artwork 2007

No. 14
Artist: Jenny Travers

I send stars back to Vincent
to crowd out the black.
Variegated kisses for his cut ear,
and to make up for those
who did not love him,
who would not buy his paintings.

Sue Clennell ©


Seasonal Colours

yellow daffodils blooming bright

purple haze summer days

brown shades falling all around

blue lips, icy finger tips

soon, nowhere to be seen

Lynette Bryce ©

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No 15 Artwork 2007 Reg Mitchell

No. 15
Artist: Reg Mitchell


People gather
around the land,
sun, sky.
From here and there
we meet
our hands and hearts
as one.
Like sound waves, music,
we travel to each other
and I reach out to you
give you my hand
so you may follow
my fingerprints –
a map of harmony.

Maureen Sexton ©



Know me
by the hand
raised in greeting
raised in protest;
my fingerprint
like a nation’s flag
flying with pride.

Know me
by the colours
of my ochre world.

Know too
that all blood is red
spilled on the earth.

Mardi May ©

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No 16 Artwork 2007

No. 16
Artist: John Tillbrook


In this match of life
others call a game
my hands flutter to
find the finger holes

I fix my gaze on pins
measuring the lane
grip hard and swing
bowling ball aimed

been knocked down
but stubborn as a pin
I stand again, ready
for the next bowler.

Frances Macaulay Forde ©


Blue Sky Channel

a computer image
tracking the trail
white soccer balls
red cricket balls
angle of the bowl
proof of the final outcome
perfect placement
he is a winner

Maureen Sexton ©

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No 17 Artwork 2007 Mildred D'Rozario

No. 17
Artist: Mildred D’Rozario

Colour Wheel

Seven colours sequenced on a wheel a perfect circle still framed.
A silent wind, slowly turning the circle of colour like a wheel,
As the momentum builds, each colour fades, captivating those who stop to marvel at the essence of what once was seven colours,
Now mesmerised by the purity of the glimmer of white.
As the wind slows the momentum of the wheel, the circle
regains each individual colour.
The wind adding a new dimension to the naked eye, seven colours producing pure white.
The diversity and uniqueness of each colour and the many shades of difference, each needing the other to cast faith into the wind to unite and become as one.

Kristy Davison©


The Visitor

Feisty, flashy aliens landed in the valley
and built their house among the trees.

Each module had a round orange cone
connected by hopscotch corridors of glass

so every being could clearly see who dared
to enter their chilli world among the green.

Frances Macaulay Forde ©

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No 18 Artwork 2007

No. 18
Artist: Annie Taylor

Annie’s Sunset in the Milky Way

What is Annie saying with this painting?
Perhaps she was thinking of the Milky Way
That she sees at night in the sky up above
Pink is their colour of girls and women
Like orange it is a colour of the sunset
That we see before the night sky shows itself
Was she still remembering the lovely sunset?

John McBain ©



I don’t have to be on pills
to see orange people
parachuting down a pinky
mauve sky,
for it’s the seventies again
and all four Beatles are still with us,
complete with moustaches
and long sideburns.

Sue Clennell ©

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No 19 Artwork 2007 Tony Santoro

No. 19
Artist: Tony Santoro

Outside In

The window is thin
it winnows no shade
but light sifts down
to rest on the ground
outside it is green
no sound, still
in here the walls
are the colour of love
so wide the window
leans out and
invites the clouds in

Liana Christensen ©


Frogs slip through my vision
barometers of climate change
swim milk chocolate whitely.
And I remember tins of tadpoles
scooped from the river’s murkiness
then with a child’s lack of forethought
left to dry out in the sun.

Sue Clennell ©

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No 20  Artwork 2007

No. 20
Artist: Clayton Winmar

tracks in the sand
sunlight through airy blue gums
red ochre and golden wattle

tracks in the sand
this is my land

Sally Clarke ©



Zen painters knew that all things came
From the circle, the square and the triangle,
But that each of these should also carry color,
Be it with pale watercolor and thin brush,
Charcoal stick, inked block, or swirling oils on canvas.

You like to travel with rhythmic tread and track
Across the magic squares and arrow left and right,
Much as a train takes up tracks and covers bright lands,
And brings you back to the earlier People.

Your art comes from the world’s flow,
From the joy of people with people,
So that paint and line and track,
Pump like blood to surge into life
From dreamtime to dreamtime
To sunyata and eternity.

Peter Jeffery OAM © These condensed lines are from a longer poem,
which is available from Peter Jeffery,

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No 21 Artwork 2007

No. 21
Artist: Clayton Winmar


take my hand
walk with me
through family

follow straight
railway lines
in the sunshine

leave hand prints
in caves sprayed
white sand hills

mountains of
red clay heart
brown beauty

take my hand
walk with me
through country

Frances Macaulay Forde ©


a river flows
beneath red desert


hear it slip
past solid rock into

pools of silence

Sally Clarke ©

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No 22 Artwork 2007

No. 22
Artist: Clayton Winmar


torchlight stripes sky between sea and
leaf. shoreline bridges
brine and tree. lattice of sky across
aquamarine and algae.
two black footholes, into sand,
into why

Kevin Gillam ©


sunlit patterns

our footprints
bushfire black
owning the land

our pathways
showing a way

Sally Clarke ©

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No 23 Artwork 2007

No. 23
Artist: Craig Essler

in its own place
a blue feather tree

i want to bury my face
in its softness
its leaves

hold on to its scent
feel its wind
on my face and

watch it move
through the day

Sally Clarke ©


sprung into specks of Aztec gold
against an azure sky!

Melanie Kwa ©



You have patterned with great beauty,
the definite moving of the seasons,
and the possible change of climate.

Like a prophetic weather map,
marking out lightning flash, eddies of wind,
and deeper below on earth and sea,
you hint at the collapse of ice, the fiery blast of desert sand,
the greying of forests, the drying of coral gardens …

And your gentle rebuke may yet change pattern
and with a freshening palette
move stridently back into teeming life
making clouds and earth a kaleidoscope of renewal,
a rainbow of sustaining hope.
Peter Jeffery OAM © These condensed lines are from a longer poem, which is available from Peter Jeffery,

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No 24 Artwork 2007

No. 24
Artist: Joanne Schoenfeld

Visual sound waves,
Dancing across an unconditioned canvas
Colour setting the tone of the sound
Flowing freely gliding with ease to the distant sound of
Points of light reflecting through each colour,
the artist painting music only the canvas can hear, the
artist’s freedom of self expression, the canvas becomes
the artist’s voice, the canvas for a moment is one with the
artist, brought to life by breaths of colour feeling the artist’s
The Artist needs the canvas,
A Poet acknowledges the sounds of the canvas inspiring
Finding the instruments of life to create worldly music.

Kristy Davison ©


Prisms of colour
Waltz round the room
Rainbow streamers
And balloons

Vibrant hues
Slivers of grey
Moods and people
Fill my day

Glimpses of me
Whirling bright
Dancing on paper
Sheer delight

A stained glass view
Into my world
Billows of streamers
And me-

Cathy Szathmary ©

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No 25 Artwork 2007

No. 25
Artist: Linley Connel

From the sky
I see a water playground
where fish blow bubbles
and kiss.
Splashes of red
dance with blue and yellow.

And now, they are people
talking, walking
busy passing by
not even noticing the
yellow birds
flying overhead.

But I sit quietly
and listen carefully …

Maureen Sexton ©


this is such fun!

fish under water
jewels moving fluid
shaping themselves

i only need to add paint

see them move towards and
away from each other

my liquid jewels

Sally Clarke ©

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No 26 Artwork 2007

No. 26
Artist: Raymond Thomas

Wild Orchid

With a naturists eye
infinite care, such
considered placement.
A fern frond here.
A gum leaf there.

Pink & yellow dried
petals, delicate veins
like a bridal veil,
placed in the centre
of your wedding cake.

An orchid appears
exotic and rare,
like me.

Frances Macaulay Forde ©



In the society
of leaves

Conversations are chosen
by the wind

Secrets whispered
tree to tree.

In the society
of leaves

This ancient mystic

Is a wordless

Mardi May ©

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No 27 Artwork 2007

No. 27
Artist: Timothy Schraman

old growth forest perspective

rain from brown
in green sky,
one talking,
shot through with

Kevin Gillam ©


Green phoenix
You lie in waiting
Whilst flames flare out
their dance of death ..
You plan a red-beaked rising!

Melanie Kwa ©



Fingers trail colour
like a tenor’s rich tones
through silence.

Vibrant fingers paint
from a palette of autumn
with leaves drifting down.

Fingers stroke smiles
from the face of the sun,
while winter hugs warmth
to its colourless heart.

Mardi May ©

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No 28 Artwork 2007

No. 28
Artist: Timothy Schraman

A Portrait of the Sea

The painting is very blue
and very yellow like a summer’s day.
Everything is heaving like the sea.
The sea has a heart-beat and although
there isn’t any noise, there are heaps
of bodies, some diving from shoulders,
falling into the chilly water. Further
out a sail flaps above the silent waves
and although we cannot see, a child throws a ball
across stone steps to another running on grass.
Out of the picture, there are more people taking
photographs. A jogger passes wearing a white hat,
his sneakers running on limestone. Until he looks back
over his shoulder, everyone shouting, pointing towards the sea.
Lifesavers tie the backs of jackets, a lifeboat oars its massive
body into the red sea. An old woman on the sand, rubbing the back
of a hairy man, says, This was a fine, very blue, and very yellow
summer’s day, until the shark.

Helen Hagemann ©


Gershwin’s blue rhapsody
oozes through the piano keys
black jazz in a white body
his young life spilling
into his works.
Summery days
pulsating nights
have you found your paradise?

Sue Clennell ©

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No 29 Artwork 2007

No. 29
Artist: Linley Connel, Craig Essler, Emma Tamblyn, Graham McNally, Michael Waters, Harry Wheeler, Clayton Winmar


we did this together
divisions joined
colours harmonised
each of us contributing
to a whole.
will it hang on your wall?
treading your landscape.

walk carefully
do not disturb
our dreams.

Sally Clarke ©


Sussex Seven

Those seven are different yet the same
Imagine : 7 people doing 1 piece of art
Blue is the colour of the sky and water
Green and brown : the soil and the plants
Red is the colour of the Aboriginal earth
There is a woman going out and about
Everywhere people walking and watching
They are all there together on 1 canvas
More than seven.

John McBain ©


Message Mural

Strong esteemed elders come here today
Talking talking to you all with the animals
We hear see and understand water-holes insects
fishes lizards brown owls kangaroos snakes magpies

People people Indigenous and non-Indigenous
Come together forever now
Spirit snake rainbow serpent very happy today

saz campbell ©


Oh crimson bridge!
Which timeless woman
sprints across thee?
High of heel
mantilla black,
farewelling sands and sea ..

Melanie Kwa ©



Is it hard or easy to see all of us here in this mural?
Linley, Craig, Emma, Graham, Michael, Harry and Clayton –
Here, there and everywhere from corner to corner of our canvas world
we make our mural from all our tracks and paint and personal signs.
Subtle dollops in a line like the singing birds on the branches of a tree,
strong surge of central black and the softening mist of an upper corner,
strong squares and patterned treads.

Murals often make defensive walls,
but by lying flat on the floor of all our studio sessions,
then hauled up, our mutual mural lino lines the exhibition wall,
we leave ourselves open to all those who pass time to watch and walk
the halls of our world of color,
where we in turn, have passed time and remembered people.

Peter Jeffery OAM © These condensed lines are from a longer poem, which
is available from Peter Jeffery,

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